Smile Direct Club or Orthodontist? Which is better?

Smile Direct Club vs. Orthodontist

Today, the world is turning into one massive digitalized platform. Almost everywhere you go, you can see the introduction of new technologies every day, making life more convenient and hassle-free. One major development in the world of orthodontics is the introduction of clear aligners.

Clear aligners have been around for more than a decade now. However, due to its ever-increasing popularity against traditional braces, several newer companies are entering the clear aligner market.

One such company is Smile Direct Club. And most people tend to get confused between – Smile Direct Club vs. Orthodontist. Which one to go for? This may be the same case with you. You may have gotten so comfortable with the traditional concept of getting metal braces from your local orthodontist that adopting a new method that doesn’t involve a face-to-face dentist appointment overwhelms you. But that’s what Smile Direct Club is all about!

If you want to read some Smile Direct reviews and the benefits of choosing Smile Direct Club over an orthodontist, just read on!

Let us first answer one of the most asked questions,

Does Smile Direct Club Aligners Actually Work?

Align Technology’s Invisalign first dominated the market of clear aligners. If you know what Invisalign is, you already have an idea about Smile Direct aligners. Let’s have a quick look at the difference between Smile Direct Club vs. Invisalign.

Both the treatments use clear and transparent aligners to fix teeth misalignments without the use of metal/ bracket braces. However, the difference is that Smile Direct Club is all about remote teledentistry. Meaning, from getting the impression of your teeth to putting on your aligners and checking progress, everything can be done online from the comfort of your home. In contrast, Invisalign treatment is an in-office treatment.

Smile Direct aligners are also popular for their affordability and fast treatment period. Compared to the traditional orthodontic braces, Smile Direct aligners can fix minor teeth alignment in less than six months. Additionally, Smile Direct aligners cost up to 60% lesser than traditional braces.

Now, the solid answer for whether Smile Direct aligners actually work depends entirely on your misalignment issue and overall treatment experience. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Smile Direct Club has helped more than one million satisfied customers, and maybe you can be their next happy grinner! You can visit their official website to read some smile direct reviews and see for yourself.

Here’s how a Smile Direct Club treatment proceeds:

  • For taking the impressions of your teeth, you can visit a local “Smile Store,” and get the impression through a 3D scanner. If your city doesn’t have a Smile Store, you can always purchase the impression kit online, read the instructions, take the impression of your teeth at home, and submit the mold.
  • Once the technicians and dentists receive your mold at the center, they’ll create your custom aligners and plan a treatment accordingly.
  • They’ll get in touch with your online and take you through the entire treatment plan. If you proceed with the treatment, you’ll receive your custom aligner online. All treatment-related queries, updates, and weekly progress updates will be done online.

Difference between Smile Direct aligners and Orthodontist Treatment:

One major difference between a typical Smile Direct Club treatment and at the Orthodontist can be that the former uses a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and the latter doesn’t. Whether you are dealing with crowding or gapping issues, Smile Direct Club uses the same clear aligner option. This still a great option. However, if you have major gapping issues or want to fix a more severe misalignment issue like an overbite or underbite, the orthodontic treatment can be your best option!

At Smile Direct Club, you already know the kind of treatment you’ll receive involving a custom clear aligner. However, at the orthodontist, you have a choice to discover more available treatment options, which is beneficial for you. But some major drawbacks of a face-to-face orthodontist treatment include weekly follow-up appointments at the clinic, longer treatment duration, and of course, more financial investment!

Smile Direct Club vs. Orthodontist Treatment: Which is Better?

If you still haven’t made up your mind as to which treatment you should go for, we hope our recommendation gives you some clarity. Choosing between a Smile Direct Club and Orthodontist is quite easy if you know the severity of your teeth misalignment. For this, we recommend you get a consultation at any local dental clinic.

Once you know your teeth issues, you can contact either of the two options. You can talk to a designated dentist and discuss the treatment more. Smile Direct Club can be the best option for mild-to-moderate teeth misalignments like crowding, gapping, or some minor bite issues as they fix issues faster and at a more affordable price. An average Smile Direct treatment costs $1,895.

On the other hand, traditional metal braces can cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. However, if you have major problems and don’t mind investing some money and time in the treatment, an orthodontist is your go-to!

Having said that, when it comes to convenience, affordability, and faster results, we definitely recommend the Smile Direct Club aligners for people with minor teeth misalignments.

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